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October 2006

19/09/2006 00:23:46

Fighter looks and performance in a simple, compact package.     Suh--weet!  This is an Evo (tapered wings).

Proof positive that these rascals are aerobatic.  Great shape .

Yeah, they're fast!  The first Evo in the foreground with a strait wing background.

Oh, and they do come in single-seat versions if you want to be alone.  This one's for sale on Trade-A-Plane.  Not cheap, but fast

The cockpits run the gamut, from "steam gauges" . . .

. . . to glass cockpits, the builders are expressing themselves.

The October LOOTM is the Rocket.  There are two distinct types--the Harmon Rocket (a heavily modified RV-4 --, and the F-1 Rocket (a fairly complete kit with much work done in the Czech Republic --  Sleek, fast, maneuverable, and very simple, they have gorgeous lines and easy ground handling.  And of course, they are aerobatic.  Better get a couple . . .