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September 2007


(Lust Object of the Month)

The LOOTM (pronounced LOOT-em or LOOT-um) is the Lust Object Of The Month.  It is simply our current aircraft infatuation.  Since it's an "Object," it has to be inanimate (though one could argue that aircraft come alive for us), and has to be special in some way.  It is only our opinion, and is completely subjective, so any argument, while perhaps amusing, will not really sway the decision.  Thanks, and enjoy.

The purposeful, business end of the Curtiss P-6E "Hawk."

the 17th Pursuit Group, 1st Pursuit Squadron, on inspection March Field, California.

This month, the LOOTM is the last US Army Air Corps biplane fighter that was produced "in quantity."  Since this aircraft was ordered during the height of the Depression; however, quantity meant just 46 aircraft!

The Curtiss name was closely associated with aviation during the first half of the 1900s.  This beautiful biplane was a capable fighter with elegant lines and a big, inline 600 HP Curtiss V-1570 engine.  It mounted two 30 caliber machine guns and accommodated one pilot in an open cockpit.

Jimmy Doolittle did some demonstration flying in these fighters for Curtiss Aircraft.  In one notable episode, he performed a demo with his boots taped to the rudder pedals because he broke both ankles the day before!

Curtiss would go one to produce the P-36 and the famous P-40, but they certainly got their last biplane fighter right.  The September LOOTM, the Curtiss P-6E "Hawk."

For more information on these pretty biplanes, start with these sites.  Enjoy!