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August 2006
Travelair-Mystery-Ship racing airplane

The Travel Air Model R was built to go fast--and it did!  But the story of this racer is absolutely classic.

In 1929, there was an all-out race to see who was fastest, and the smart money was divided between the Army Air Corp and the Navy biplane fighters.  Just before the race, a small red-and-black monoplane landed and was immediately slipped into a hangar.  The windows were draped and no one was allowed entry.  The plane was promptly dubbed "Mystery Ship," and the nickname stuck.

Read more about this fantastic airplane and its historic race here:

The color photos are of the only flying Mystery Ship--a carefully built reproduction brought to life by Jimmy Younkin, flown by Bobby Younkin, and currently being displayed by Matt Younkin. And, yeah, it does aerobatics, too!  If you're itching to see this airplane in its element, check here for Matt's schedule:

Or for a few more photos: