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Lust Object of the Month

July 2007

Trim and well-proportioned, the diminutive Starlet is fun and economical to fly.

The large canopy gives this Corby a baby-faced appearance.  Cute.

The US Navy paint scheme and four-blade prop give this Starlet a purposeful look. 

Gotta have one?  This one is currently for sale at

Nice lines, and an open-cockpit version, too.

For a little change of pace, the July LOOTM is at the opposite extreme from the Sukhoi 27 Series (see June 2007 LOOTM).  The delightful Corby Starlet is a small wooden single-seat aircraft that is suited to sports aerobatics.  What's more, you can fly for an hour and burn less than five gallons of Mogas.  With its small size and light weight, good performance can be had on 85 horsepower.