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June 2007

Nice formation shot.  The lead is an Su-27 while the wing aircraft is a -27UB (two-seat trainer).

This is the follow-on development of the Su-27, the Su-37 with articulating vectored thrust engine exhaust nozzles.

A drawing of the Su-27K intended for carrier operations.  Note the greater wing area and the canard.

A -27 making vapor in hard maneuvering.  A potent machine.

The "Russian Knights" aerobatic team during a practice performance in China.  The team uses anti-heat-seaking-missle flares for that extra display "punch."

An office--with a view...

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 The LOOTM for June is the awesome line of current Sukhoi fighters.

 Many years ago I remember watching a pair of Su-27s flying a two-ship demo that included formation and opposing maneuvers.  It was not only well-flown, but was incredibly tight.  Here were two aircraft the size of F-14s maneuvering at relatively standstill speeds in an area as small as our Pitts formation act.  Amazing!  (Even the fighter guys watching with us were impressed.)

 Since the Su-27 "Flanker," the Sukhoi OKB (Design Bureau) has pushed the basic fighter to operate from aircraft carriers (Su-27K), and has equipped them with thrust-vectoring engines for even more maneuverability (Su-35 and -37).  The weapons systems employ passive infrared (no Radar signature to trace back to the source and give away the plane's position), as well as a helmet interface so the weapons track where the pilot is looking instead of where the fighter is pointed.  There's even a side-by-side fighter-bomber version, the aesthetically challenged Su-34 "Fullback."

 June's LOOTM is the incredible SU-27 family of high-performance fighters--"from Russia, with love."  Enjoy.