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June 2006


Charlie Nelson started the Swift Association and it has been a model for most of the aircraft type clubs.
The "normal" big engine, 210 HP, graces this Swift.  It also has "P-51 gear doors," a canopy, sticks, etc.  And it's for sale.

The Globe Temco Swift was built in quantity to take advantage of the post WW II pilot boom.  All those military pilot coming home from the War were sure to want bunches of airplanes, right?

Not exactly . . .

This beautiful little two-seater was built much like a lighter version of a WW II Fighter.  In fact, some of the design team for the Swift also worked on the Curtiss P-40.

The Swift has been modified over the years, some of them extensively.  It can be very difficult to find a completely stock Swift.  Originally equipped with an 85 HP engine, they can be found with engines as large as 220 HP.  Swifts may also be modified with sticks, a canopy, sliding seats, longer gear doors, constant speed props, etc.

Silky handling, mildly aerobatic, and simply gorgeous, the June LOOTM is the Swift.

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