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May 2006

Visit this site for more information on the Yak-55:  


Compare this SP-55M with the stock Yak-55.  Note the turtledeck, and the redesigned rudder.  The composite control surfaces and more powerful M-14 engines give this aircraft great performance for the money.  More info on the SP-55M here:

May's LOOTM is the Yakovlev Yak-55M.  Lots of bang for the buck in this aircraft.  For the price of a Pitts, you get an airplane that is capable of Advanced and Unlimited aerobatics.  And, of course, you get the stout Russian airframe durability matched with the awesome Vedenyev nine-cylinder radial engine.

The Yak-55 is able to maneuver very tightly, so keeping the plane in the box or before the crowd is easy.  There's also an evolution, the SP-55M, with composite components and even more performance.

Enjoy the May LOOTM--the Yak-55.