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February 2007

Walter Extra--the man, the legend--in his 300L.

Alex and a couple of Extras.  Yes, he does fly them both and, while we can't personally attest to his abilities with the model aircraft, he flies the full scale aircraft very well!

The First Lady of Air Shows, accomplished equestrian and our champagne partner, Patty, doing what she does best.  Watch for her new paint job in 2007.  This is the very airplane used in a self-inflicted G injury.  I'm such a wimp . . .

The "Halcones" (Falcons, in Spanish), from Chile.  The traded their Pitts in for Extras in the 90s, and quickly developed a beautiful routine to show off their new planes.  I got to work with them at Pompano Air Center in the early nineties.

Just in case you have got to get you one of these, check this site for North America's exclusive Extra dealer, Southeast Aero.

The February LOOTM may surprise those who know my taste in airplanes.  After all, I'm a self-confessed Sukhoi snob.  In fact, I tease Patty about her "girlie plane."

Well, there have been some opportunities to fly a couple of Extras lately and, while I may be a snob, I'm not an idiot.  Of course I flew them.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Extras are indeed world-class aircraft.  Easy to fly but challenging to fly to their potential.  LOTS of capability!  Finely tuned controls, blinding roll rate, excellent vertical penetration and great ground manners make these aircraft legendary.

Enjoy this peek at the Extras, or visit these web sites for more.

Oh, yeah, Patty--acro in your "girlie plane" hurt me.  Okay, she's not so "girlie" after all.  Maybe I am . . .


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