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Lust Object of the Month

February 2006

Su-31 pic

For February the LOOTM is perhaps our 'Holy Grail' of aircraft--the awesome Sukhoi.  I remember seeing film from Patty of the aircraft when we (The Red Baron Squadron) were at spring training in St. Augustine in the 1986, and have been smitten ever since.

Combine the look and feel of a 40's fighter with the incredible maneuverability of modern aerobatic mounts, and throw in the sensuous rumble that only a big radial can provide, and this is what you get.  Until you see one flown hard, until you unleash the performance a Sukhoi places at your fingertips, you cannot fully understand or appreciate why the Sukhoi 29 (and its stable mates, the Su-26 and Su-31) is our LOOTM for February.